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botox Southampton

botox Southampton
botox Southampton
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Hayfever and Allergic Rhinitis
Treatment with Kenalog Injections

Despite the warmer weather, many people dread the Spring season. For many, it means it is the start of 'hay-fever season' which can lead to a range of prolonged symptoms such as; a runny nose, sore eyes, sneezing and a foggy head. These symptoms can cause significant disruption to one's everyday life.

A consultation with our Dr Xavier may be helpful for planning a path through hay-fever season and finding an easier solution to reducing the discomfort and make daily life more bearable.

hayfever treatments southampton

hayfever treatments southampton

hayfever treatments southampton

What is Hay Fever?

Hayfever is a basic response by your autoimmune system which is trying to prevent plant pollen from entering your body. This response is commonly also triggered by pet hair and dust.

Although pollen is not dangerous to your health, the body can have a heightened response / reaction to it and this is when people experience an itchy nose and eyes, running nose, sneezing and nasal congestion. The period you might experience these symptoms varies on the area where you live and what type of pollen you are more susceptible to. Usually, it starts late spring and continues up until September.

The Kenalog Injection

The Kenalog injection is a steroid treatment that is available to over 18s only at our clinic.

The treatment administered is safe and approved for use in the UK (the treatment was actually available on the NHS in the past but less so now (likely funding is an issue) and is routinely administered in other countries).

Steroid hayfever treatment doesn't cure hayfever but the beneficial effects can usually last the duration of the hayfever season.

If you have previously administered other treatments to combat hayfever, such as oral antihistamine tablets or topical eye drops, one solution to alleviate your hayfever symptoms is to get the Kenalog injection. This is a steroid treatment, recommended for those who have severe symptoms.

How does the Kenalog Injection work?

During your appointment, our doctor will take discuss the benefits as well as the side-effects of the treatment. Dr Xavier will make sure the Kenalog injection is the right treatment for you and assess whether other treatments might be a better fit for your needs or not. The dose that a particular patient needs, is calculated according to their body weight. 1mg per kg is the standard way to calculate the correct dose for patients. The Kenalog injection is administered intramuscularly (into deep muscle), and the effects will start working within one to 48 hours.

What are the Benefits of the Kenalog Injection?

  • Patients require one dose to reduce the symptoms caused by the hayfever for the entire season (up to three months).
  • It is a cost-effective compared to investing in all other treatments.
  • The injection doesn't go through the digestive system or the liver.
  • The symptoms of the hayfever will stop generally for a whole season.
  • It is a fast treatment.
  • There is no downtime.
  • Side-effects although possible are not very common.

hayfever treatments southampton

hayfever treatments southampton


Why should I have the hay fever Injection?

Kenalog injections are recommended for anyone who suffers from hayfever symptoms, such as a runny nose, red / watery eyes, sneezing, etc. Unlike over-the-counter allergy tablets, the hayfever injection provides longer-term relief that can last the whole hayfever season.

Although most people only experience mild hayfever symptoms, the allergy can be debilitating for some - especially those who haven't responded to the treatments on offer over-the-counter.

Who shouldn't have a hay fever injection?

Kenalog injections are not recommended for:

  • Women who are breastfeeding
  • Those suffering from a suppressed immune system
  • Those currently suffering from an infection
  • Anyone who is planning to undergo surgery within 3 months from the injection
  • Those that have had a Covid-19 vaccine in the preceding 2 weeks

When is the best time to get a Kenalog injection?

If you regularly experience hayfever symptoms each year, you should consider getting the Kenalog injection before the start of the hayfever season. You can also have a hayfever injection at any time after the appearance of hayfever symptoms.

Where is the hay fever injection made?

The Kenalog injection is usually administered in the buttocks.

How long does it take for a hayfever injection to take effect?

Usually, you can feel the positive effects of the treatment within 48 hours but it may take up to 10 days to see the full results.

Are there any side effects?

The injection site may be sore for 24 hours but there are no other unpleasant common side-effects to the Kenalog injection. You will be able to leave the clinic immediately and go back to your daily activities as usual.

Occasionally, patients may experience dermal/sub-dermal atrophy or changes in the make-up of the connective tissue and depressions in the skin at the site where the drug was administered. Whilst Kenalog is safe and is licensed for use in hayfever treatment, there are risks associated with any drug and it is important that you understand these. Steroids are a powerful group of medications and Kenalog carries the same potential for risks and side-effects as any other steroid. The difference with an injectable steroid is that the side-effects would linger for at least three weeks whereas with oral medication, any side effects would stop 24 hours after ceasing the treatment. This will be discussed in more detail with you at your consultation with Dr Xavier where you can ask any questions and be assessed for your medical suitability for the treatment.

How long does a hay fever injection last?

The Kenalog injection can be an effective relief of hayfever symptoms for up to 6 months but generally up to 3.

Will I need a second dose of the hayfever injection?

In most cases, one dose of the Kenalog injection is enough to suppress the symptoms of hayfever in the current hayfever season.

However, in more severe cases, the symptoms may persist. If this happens, you may choose to have a second dose which can be administered a minimum of 14 days after the first (this will be chargeable but at a reduced cost to the first treatment).

How much does the hayfever injection cost?

The first Kenalog injection costs £125.00 and this can be administered as soon as you have had a consultation if you do wish to proceed with treatment. Alternatively, you can have the consultation and take time to think about it and then have the treatment at a later date. If you require a subsequent treatment in the same hayfever season this will cost an additional £75.00.

NOTE: COVID-19 Vaccine - There must be two weeks between any of your COVID-19 vaccinations and Kenalog treatment (before or after) to ensure your body develops the full response to the vaccination for maximum protection against Covid-19.

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