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Dr Xavier & Associates Clinic
25 Queen's Terrace, SOUTHAMPTON SO14 3BQ

Dr Xavier’s Clinic (London)
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botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
Dr Xavier's Award Winning Medical Aesthetic Clinic Southampton

Treatment Menu - Price List (Southampton Clinic)

Our Promise: A professional service at competitive prices

We understand that experience and qualifications are vitally important when selecting a clinic but that price is important too.

We offer NO-OBLIGATION consultations for all treatments to ensure you are able to find out all you need and have all your questions answered. It is also an opportunity for you to meet Dr Xavier or our Senior Nurse Prescriber Luis Costa to ensure you feel comfortable with them - we understand that some people can be nervous and it is important that you feel that bond of trust with your practitioner.

Consultations are 30 minutes, where our practitioner will listen fully to your concerns, assess your area of concern, answer your questions and guide you about your treatment options. The consultation fee is £50 and is non-redeemable and is for the time you are spending with an experienced medical professional.

A FREE pre-consultation is available with our therapists if you wish to find out more general information about the treatments we offer before booking a full consultation however, we are unable to give specific or personalised medical advice during a pre-consultation (this can only be with a doctor or nurse) but we can give you general information about the treatments we offer.
For some advanced treatments such as; Hormones, Women’s intimate health treatments, non-surgical rhinoplasty, medium and deep peels, under eye tear trough treatments, mole mapping/screening, mole and skin tag removal and Keloid Scar treatments, these do require a consultation with Dr Xavier. However, you may book for a FREE pre-consultation with a therapist if you wish to find out a bit more, before committing to the £50 doctor consultation fee.

For our Alevere weight correction therapy and other weight therapies we offer a free treatment tour with one of our therapists and a full one hour consultation and health assessment is then needed with a doctor costing £95.00.

For many of our treatments plans and rejuvenation packages we can offer 0% FINANCE and other payment options to elp you spread the cost of treatment over 12 to 18 months or longer - simply ask for more details.

All medical treatments are personal to each patient depending on their needs and what is prescribed by our doctor or senior nurse at the time of a consultation. Therefore the prices below are a guide and full details of prices will be given at the consultation.

Muscle-Relaxing injections, Botulinum toxin ('Bo-tox')

  • Face: from £175 (or £158 on our client reward plan)
  • For Hyperhidrosis (Underarm Sweating): £500
  • Advanced Lower Face Areas: from £50

Dermal Fillers

  • Hydration fillers: per syringe: from £225
  • Standard fillers: per syringe: from £300
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: from £475
  • Tear Trough Filler: from £590

Ellansé Collagen Stimulation

  • £400 per 1ml syringe (depending on course length)

Thread Lifting: Silhouette Soft Threads

  • The 'Doctor X-Lift' full face and neck lift - £2500
  • Brow lifting treatment - £850
  • Top up 2-thread treatment - £700


  • Skin Rejuvenation, Scars, Stretchmarks: from £200 per session

Medical Skin Peels

  • Superficial Glycolic Peel: from £70 (course recommended)
  • Superficial TCP Peel: from £200 (course recommended)
  • Medium TCA Peel: from £450
  • Deep (Phenol) Peel: from £1800 to £4595
  • All Peels: you will also need pre and post peel skincare products - price will be advised at time of consultation.

Moles & Skin Tags

  • Moles: from £495
  • Skin tags: from £150

Laser Hair Removal

Alevere Therapy

  • Contour Shaping Weight Reduction: due to the medical tests required prior to commencing treatment your price will depend on the results of your medical and blood tests.
  • Alevere Initial Treatment Tour: FREE with a treatment Co-ordinator
  • Alevere Consultation with Doctor: £95

Detox Plan

  • '30 Days to Healthier Living Plan': £239 (includes nutrition products and supplements)

Hair Regrowth Treatments

  • Mesotherapy Injections: from £195 per session (course needed)
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections: from £750 per session (course needed)
  • Low Level Laser Light Therapy: £2500 (course of treatment over 12 month period)

Vitamins & Booster Shots

  • Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drips: from £99 to £349
  • Intramuscular (IM) Booster Shot: from £29 to £49

Keloid Scars Treatment

  • Keloid Scars Treatment with Steroid Injections: £50 per treatment - price dependent on consultation & 6 to 8 treatments normally required.

Skin Camouflage & Make-Up Advice

  • Individual Consultation: £50 (part redeemable against products purchased)

For details and prices of home anti-aging skin-care, cosmeceuticals, make-up, nutrition products and supplements please refer to relevant 'Products' page.


Whilst medical treatments are exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT), clinics are required to add VAT (20%) onto treatments that are primarily for cosmetic reasons. We are a state-registered clinic (regulated by the Care Quality Commission - CQC) not a beauty salon. We expressly employ registered healthcare-trained professionals to provide a range of treatments and services on the assumption that the treatments we provide are for primarily medical reasons – in other words to protect, maintain, restore and improve your physical and mental health and well-being. As a doctor-run medical clinic our responsibility is firstly to our patients. We therefore only provide treatments where it is felt it is in the patient's best interest to prescribe them and they are performed for primarily medical reasons. This follows a consultation with a medical practitioner, a relevant medical history is taken and assessed and patient consent to a treatment or treatment care package is then obtained. Many aspects of one’s physical facial appearance, body image, skin-health or general health and weight can have a negative effect on the way a person perceives oneself and it can negatively affect one's life confidence, self-esteem, personality, or the way one interacts with others in our daily lives.

Many people receive, for example, botulinum toxin ('Botox®') treatment to control migraines, frequent headaches and atypical facial pain. Others seek this treatment or a wide range of other so-called 'cosmetic' treatments to improve their self-esteem or self-confidence, treat depression, or other medical conditions such as damaged skin, scarring, burns, excessive sweating, or other medical skin disorders. Your particular reasons for having chosen a treatment will be discussed with your practitioner during a no-obligation consultation and we have a wide range of treatments, services and therapies, all administered in a clinical setting that can help relieve or treat a wide range of medical concerns. Some of these treatments may be long-term and on-going and there are many other medical reasons why people seek advice from registered healthcare/medical practitioners.

We are a medical clinic not a beauty salon so your physical and mental health is our sole mission and we offer only safe, tried and tested treatments. There are lots of "fad" treatments that we have seen come and go, many fuelled by the social media era that we live in (such as "Russian Doll lips", "Fox eye threads", “Lip Flip” etc.). If you are looking for these purely cosmetic treatments, then we are not the clinic for you. We offer a wide range of treatments and therapies for your skin health, inner health, weight management and hair. All of our treatments and therapies are medically-based and designed to protect, maintain, restore and improve your physical and mental health and well-being.

By attending our clinic your care starts with a through medical consultation and a discussion about your health, expectations, lifestyle, family history, allergies, medications as well as a psychological assessment of your desire for a treatment outcome. We hope that you do not mind that this thorough examination is needed to better understand your needs for the relief of primarily a medical reason, concern or condition. We feel that a record of this fact will enable us to demonstrate that we only provide treatments where it is felt it is in the patient's best interest to prescribe them as there is a medical need for the treatment(s) as determined between the patient and the medical practitioner.

Monitoring quality - voice recording

To help us monitor the quality of the service we provide as well as for your protection and the protection of our practitioners, please note that all calls to our clinic as well as consultations and treatments carried out may be recorded by audio voice recording equipment. These recordings are securely stored and their contents are not shared with any person or organisation outside our clinic without your written permission (except where needed for legal reasons). If this causes you concerns please do not hesitate to contact us for more information but please note our practitioners may refuse to treat or consult with you if audio voice recording is refused by you.

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Xavier G. Medical Aesthetix Ltd., 25 Queens Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3BQ
For more information or a no-obligation consultation please phone 02380 637638

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Dr Xavier G Medi-Spa Clinic, 25 Queen's Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3BQ
Phone: 02380 637638
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