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botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
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Sculptra® - Collagen Stimulation Treatment
Miss Karen K, professional singer, writes about her experience of Sculptra treatment at Xavier G. Medi-Spa

Living Life to the Full, by Miss Karen K

To appear in publicity that shows my 'before' and 'after' pictures just demonstrates how much better I feel about my appearance and how much I've grown in confidence in a very short time! Only a year ago, before I had Sculptra treatment, I would never have been brave enough to let anyone see how I used to look without makeup!

How things change! Now, I think to myself, "What the heck! I don't look like that any more, so what does it matter if people see? If I can help others find a real solution to their own concerns about their appearance, and help them become more confident in their lives, then that has got to be a good thing".

I have so much more confidence since my Sculptra facial rejuvenation treatment programme at Xavier G. Medi-Spa, Southampton. Do drop me a line by email if you have any questions.

Everything you read here is my true experience and in my own words.

Sculptra southampton
Karin's Sculptra® facial rejuvenation treatment programme

Sculptra southampton
My BEFORE photo showing an uneven skin complexion and the start of jowl formation, giving a less rounded shape to my face.

Sculptra southampton
Dr Xavier cleans and then disinfects my face.

Sculptra southampton
Dr Xavier then marks the areas he wants to treat.

Before I Discovered Sculptra

I have been performing in public since I was a small child - that's over 30 years now!

Like many girls who develop early, I started getting acne when I was just nine, and it continued into my adult life. It left me with those tell-tale physical scars that made me feel so self-conscious for so long. You can hide behind quantities of makeup on stage, but how do you undo the damage that the years bring? I also had started to develop some sagging of the skin around the mouth and jaw-line that was starting to change the shape of my face - in other words, ageing!

People find it hard to believe that someone confident on stage and at work in the public eye all day could be a different person behind closed doors. I'm happy to say those days are now over!

Complexion Complex

For many years, my problem complexion often used to make me feel sad and hopeless, so much so that I was sometimes reluctant to go out socially. I would always try to avoid anywhere that would be brightly lit, or situations where I would have to be seen close up. I almost became a "night-bird".

Being photographed also made me feel self-conscious - especially those unforgiving black and white shots!

In total contrast to my professional public image, when not at work, I would often down-dress and try to merge into the background, hoping no-one would notice me. Irrationally, I even found myself trying not to make eye-contact with people in the hope they would not look at my face (it doesn't work!).

This problem was draining my energy and effectively stealing my life. For someone like me who loves people and has such a public career, this simply wasn't right. I often wondered how it would be if I could change the way I looked.

When I think back now, I'd have to admit that I made many major life decisions, as well as many day to day ones, influenced by my lack of confidence about my appearance, and I often wonder how my life would have been different had I not had such a complex about my complexion!

Early on, I became pretty good with makeup, (highlight your best features and hope no-one looks too closely at the rest!), but I noticed that liquid foundations only tended to cause an outbreak and make matters worse. So I stopped plastering it on, but this exposed the imperfections even more.

Time To Take Action!

Eventually I began to wonder if there might be a better, more permanent way to deal with my scarring and sagging, rather than the prospect of a lifetime of inadequate covering up, precluded from certain career avenues that demand a near-perfect appearance, and feeling miserable on a daily basis.

I decided to take control and take some action!

Discovering Dr Xavier and Sculptra Treatment

Discovering Dr. Xavier and Sculptra treatment has changed my life. At last I had hope of a long-lasting and effective transformation that would give me both the choice and the confidence to do anything I want in my future.

The Sculptra treatment was like a miracle for me!

Sculptra southampton
Dr Xavier applies a local anaesthetic so that I won't feel the injections.

Sculptra southampton
The treatment begins! There was no discomfort and I even posed for the camera!

Sculptra southampton
Me, immediately after the treatment. It wasn't bad at all and at the end Dr Xavier even massaged my face - very relaxing!

Sculptra southampton
My AFTER photo. This was taken 5 months after my treatment started, showing a more even skin complexion and a more youthful, rounded shape to my face.

The Treatment

I was very surprised to find that the Sculptra treatment actually didn't hurt at all - not at any point during the procedure or afterwards.

My skin was 'numbed' with a special anaesthetic cream before the injections and then I just laid back and relaxed while the Dr Xavier carried out the treatment.

You can talk, or close your eyes during the process, and Dr Xavier explains everything as he goes along, and checks regularly to be sure you are comfortable.

There are lots of tiny injections into the face, but so carefully done that it feels each one is administered with the precision and care of an artist. I also had the confidence of Dr Xavier's expertise as a medical doctor, and he genuinely cares about his clients.

The idea of injections can make your imagination work overtime, but it really wasn't scary at all, the needles are tiny, and I actually felt pampered afterwards - like I'd been for a facial - especially after the facial massaging at the end of the treatment.

What Sculptra Does

The Sculptra treatment subtly re-volumises the face, smoothing out dips, lines and imperfections, and lifting them out - as if stepping back in time before gravity and age got to work!

After a few days and some mild redness, the face returns to a pre-treatment appearance, but then over the next few weeks the Sculptra starts to take effect, building youthful, healthy smoothness and firmness, through production of your own collagen, from the inside, out.

It's so natural, and the change is so gradual and subtle that, unlike major cosmetic surgical procedures, with Sculptra, people around you can't quite put their finger on what has changed, but they all notice how great you look.

I've had so many compliments and what I love is that I didn't have to go through any surgery or major trauma to my body, and I didn't have to take time off work or stay in hospital, or hide away from the world.

I drove home after each treatment, and went to work as normal the next day. In fact, you don't really need to tell anyone that you're having Sculptra treatment if you don't want to, (except perhaps your family at home!!), and you can just smile at the compliments and say "thank you" gracefully.

The Sculptra Process

I had three Sculptra treatments over a 5-month period. This allows a gradual development and to adjust the balance if there are some areas where you need more treatment than elsewhere.

No treatment was worse than its predecessor and apart from a little puffiness and redness for three or four days (easily covered with my normal makeup), it was no trouble at all. During the treatment I only felt a couple of 'pricks' at the side of my face (the least fleshy area) as the needle went in, but I'd say 99% of the injection process I didn't even feel - really!

I was amazed at how simple the whole procedure has been, and each appointment was over in about 1.5 hours.

After just a couple of months into the treatment, my skin started to become less prone to spots, pores look smaller, and my face is more even and symmetrical than before, too.

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