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botox Southampton

botox Southampton
botox Southampton
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Chemical Peels for Abnormal Pigmentation Problems

Abnormal pigmentation (hyperpigmentation), especially on the face can be disfiguring and can affect a person's confidence at work or in social situations. It can occur on any skin-type but those with darker skin-types are particularly prone to it.

Pigmentation can be caused by sun damage, hormones (e.g. during pregnancy) and as a result of wounds or inflammation to the skin and can be permanent unless treated. In the area of cosmetic medicine there are some very effective treatments that can return the skin to its natural complexion. It is important though that after such treatment you follow a strict skincare regime and sun protection is essential to avoid the problem returning.

For minor hyperpigmentation, there are some home use creams/serums that we can provide that can give good results. These types of creams consist of medical skincare and details of these can be found here.

For more severe and widespread hyperpigmentation, we offer a range of peels (some with very little actual peeling involved) that are very effective, these are; Neostrata peels, DermaCeutic Spot Peel and the Obagi Blue Peel.

Not all peels cause redness and flaking that the TV will have us believe but whatever your requirements there are a number of options for you in order to improve abnormal pigmentation and Dr Xavier can advise you.

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