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botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
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Under Eye and Tear Trough Treatments

It is often said that "Our eyes are the doorways to our soul". However, as we age those 'doorways' can look tired with lines/wrinkles and often sagging or sunken eyes or dark circles taking hold and this can have a profound effect upon how we view ourselves and also one's self-esteem or life confidence. Non-surgical medical treatments can help.

under eye treatments southampton

under eye treatments southampton

Treatment options include

  • Subtle brow lift to 'open up' the eye area
  • Improve lines around the eyes / crow's feet
  • Raise the brow tail into a pleasing arch
  • Correct downward slant of 'sad' eyes
  • Improve frown and forehead 'worry' lines
  • Improve sunken eyes and dark circles
  • Reduce unsightly under-eye fat pads
under eye treatments southampton

dark circles under eyes southampton

Tear Trough, Dark Circles & Hollow Under-Eyes

As we age, we lose volume under our eyes so our eyes can appear sunken or we develop dark circles. For some people this happens earlier in life whether it is hereditary or due to stress or a busy lifestyle when we don't always look after ourselves. It can make us look tired and much older than we feel.

Previously, only surgery offered an effective way of combating tear troughs, however, the use of dermal filler injections now offers a non-surgical treatment option that provides immediate cosmetic results with a reduced risk of the complications associated with surgery and a very short recovery period.

The effects of the injections last approximately 6-12 months before repeat injections are required.

Before your treatment, we apply a skin numbing cream so that the treatment is comfortable and you will return for a post-treatment review about 10-14 days after the treatment to assess the result. Sometimes an adjustment is needed once any residual swelling or puffiness has disappeared and this will be discussed at your review.

Please note: under-eye treatments are, by their very nature, delicate treatments and should only be carried out by very experienced medical practitioners. For your reassurance, our Dr Xavier carries out these treatments and he also trains other doctors and surgeons in this advanced treatment.

Crow's Feet and Fine Lines

The wrinkles we develop around the eye (crows' feet) are formed as we lose collagen in our skin as we age and also from repeated muscle activity around the eyes as we squint and smile. Crows' feet can be softened or eliminated quickly with muscle relaxant injections (e.g. BOTOX). Injectable dermal fillers can also help or in combination.

Under Eye Fat Pads & Bags

Mesotherapy is an injectable treatment that is lesser known in the UK but is very popular on the Continent. Mesotherapy involves a series of very small (micro) injections - injecting small and measured amounts of different medications into the skin to help treat localised trapped fat under the eye and help to firm the skin.

mesotherapy southampton

Eye Brow Lift and Shaping

It is possible to obtain a natural looking subtle eye-brow lift using a combination of dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections. The combination can help to reshape the brow for a more pleasing shape or open out the eyes for a brighter look. It can also reshape the tail of the brow to help reduce that 'sad' look.

brow lift southampton

MYTH: An eye treatment is not designed to give you a 'frozen' or surprised look. It can however help you achieve a natural-looking but refreshed look, a lovely brow shape and soften the contours of the under eye area. Open your eyes to the possibilities!

If you would like to book a consultation to discuss this treatment please click here to contact us.

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