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Keloid Scar Removal - Treatment with Steroid Injections

Keloids are highly visible and often very exaggerated scars that can develop after surgery, after skin trauma or injury, or even after minor skin damage like acne scars. Keloid scars can also develop even if there's no obvious damage to the skin at all.

Keloid scars are shiny and hairless, feel hard and rubbery and usually occur on the upper chest and shoulders - and on the earlobes. In people with darker skin-types they often occur in the beard area and on the scalp.

The causes this type of scarring is not fully understood, but we do know the following:

  • People with darker skin-types are more susceptible to keloid scars than people with paler skin
  • Wounds under pressure or get infected while healing are especially likely to develop into keloids as are burns and acne scars
  • Keloids are most likely to develop in younger people under 30
  • Keloids are not caught from anyone else and they carry no cancer risk
  • The tendency to form keloid scars can run in families
  • Keloids can be caused by chickenpox, acne, minor scratches, surgical or trauma wounds, vaccination sites, burns

Keloid scars are not dangerous but they can cause discomfort, be itchy and tender or even painful to touch. Often the emotional effects of these scars are greater than the physical ones and as such Keloids can cause great distress and have a real, negative effect on self-confidence.

Treating Keloid Scars

Dependent upon a medical examination with our doctor, Keloids may be removed quite quickly and simply with a series of steroid injections - about 6 - 8 sessions are usually required.

Larger Keloids may need to be removed surgically by a qualified surgeon - our clinic works with a GMC Specialist-Registered Surgeon so our doctor can refer you if needed.


The scar will flatten out and should, in time, match the colour of the surrounding skin, making it much less noticeable.


There is no downtime from the steroid injections - you can get back to normal activities afterwards.

Keloid Scar Removal Southampton

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Dr Xavier G Medi-Spa Clinic, 25 Queen's Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3BQ
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